Mr Ge and Mrs Shen in their studio with Wan Ling - 2010.

Meet our good friend and Yixing teapot artist maker, Mr Ge.

About Mr. Ge

Ge Er Lin was born in Dingshan in 1962. A craft artist, member of Jiangsu Craft Art Society, and also a member of Yixing Ceramic Industry Association. He currently works in Yixing Ceramic Museum.

Ge Er Lin has had a deep love of teapot making since childhood. Working in a ceramic company at the end of 1970s, Mr Ge then attended a professional ceramic school to develop his passion. Since the beginning of 1980s he has been engaged in handmade and mould-built Yixing teapot production. Mr. Ge has been committed to designing and creating Zisha (purple clay) teapots for more than 20 years and has a special passion for upholding traditional techniques. 

Yixing Teapot artist, Mr Ge, with some of his Zisha teapots, talking about clay types.
Wan Ling Tea House​​

Mr. Ge in his studio talking about Zhuni clay. He is holding a piece of raw Zhuni clay and in front of him are two finished, fired Zhuni teapots.

Over the years Ge Er Lin's skill in making Yixing teapots has become well-known and he has had many of his teapots published in leading Chinese Zisha books and magazines. Mr Ge was also a special consultant for the XATV6 Programme in exploring ceramic artisans.

Working with Mr. Ge

We first met Ge Er Lin around 2009 and have been visiting him in his studio in Dingshan ever since. When possible we try to visit every year. It is always great to see old friends and enjoy the local food. We have been blessed to have seen their daughter grow from a little girl into an Zisha artist with a child herself. 

Classic Zisha Teapots by Mr. Ge

ArtistTea wareYixing

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