Julei Yixing Teapots

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Clay: ZhuNi Red Clay 朱泥
Capacity: 150ml
Color: Zhuni (Colour)
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Length: 125mm
Height: 75mm
Diameter: 50mm
Spout Type: 7 hole
Technique: Half Hand Made 半手工
Description of Packaging: Gift Box

Artist: Mr Ge 葛二麟

We have been working with Mr Ge and his wife Mrs Shen since 2009.

Ge Er Lin was born in Dingshan in 1962. A craft artist, member of Jiangsu Craft Art Society, and also a member of Yixing Ceramic Industry Association. He currently works at the Yixing Ceramic Museum.

Ge Er Lin has had a deep love of teapot making since childhood. Working in a ceramic company at the end of 1970s, Mr Ge then attended a professional ceramic school to develop his passion. Since the beginning of 1980s he has been engaged in handmade and mould-built Yixing teapot production. Mr. Ge has been committed to designing and creating Zisha (Purple Clay) teapots for more than 20 years and has a special passion for upholding traditional techniques.

Yixing, Jiangsu 宜兴市江苏省

Located in the eastern province of Jiangsu 江苏省, Yixing is renowned for its Zisha 紫砂 purple clay. The surrounding hills, including the famous Huang Long mountain 黄龙山, are where this highly-prized mineral rich rock is sourced. Yixing purple clay is used for making the Unesco-recognised teapots, as well as wide cooking pots and flower pots (especially for orchids).