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We look forward to welcoming you to Wan Ling Tea House in Shanghai. A quiet oasis where you can sit and enjoy tea on your own or with friends in our walled garden; or join Wan Ling in the tea shop.

Shanghai is a city for everyone

Despite the superlatives (biggest city, largest population), Shanghai is so much more than just burgeoning wealth and modernity.

Shanghai’s historical roots are still embedded here; seek and you will feel the beating heart of the region’s Jiangnan identity. Jiangnan, meaning simply “South of the River”, is traditionally known as the Land of fish and rice (鱼米之乡) due to the fertility of a soil served by so many waterways. In this city you can experience the bustle, but it's a place where you can relax too.

Since 2023 Wan Ling Tea House is based close to the heart of the city, near to Jingan Temple. Walking along Julu Road, there are restaurants, bars and many boutique stores. We are tucked away in a complex away from the busy streets.

Come and visit us in Shanghai

Wan Ling Tea house is open by appointment only.

We are well served by metro lines 2 and 7 (Jingan Temple station, exit 8) or lines 1, 10 and 12 (Shanxi South Road, exit 7).

On booking your tea experience, we will send you detailed directions on where to find us. Suffice to say, we are in an ideal spot to explore the former French Concession and the city followed by a rejuvenating tea experience with Wan Ling herself.

Wan Ling Tea House offers the opportunity for Shanghai residents or visitors to Shanghai to sample and buy our range of authentic, loose-leaf Chinese teas and our carefully-selected range of artisan tea wares. For those living in China, we deliver teas and tea ware nationwide and offer a range of services via WeChat.


We offer several in-person tea experiences with Wan Ling, which are excellent to give you and a group a short introduction to Chinese tea. We offer several classes, which range from 2 to 40 hours long.

Tea Classes

China Tea Tours

Exclusive accompanied tours around China's beautiful tea growing regions. Wan Ling Tea House offers small groups the chance to be guided around the various tea growing regions of China.

Tea Tours

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