China Tea Tours

Wan Ling Tea House offers small groups the chance to be guided around the renowned tea growing regions of China.

Long Weekend / 3-4 day Tours

  • Oolong Tour - Fujian
  • Black Tea and Yixing Ware - Jiangsu
  • Tea & Bamboo - Zhejiang

8 - 10 Day Tours

A perfect choice for those wanting to delve deeper into the world of tea. We offer multiple routes to give you the chance to explore these very different regions.

Taking in the tea growing regions that are inaccessible to those just passing through. We visit tea gardens and factories. Along the way we have numerous opportunities to taste an array of teas and experience local tea culture. Beyond tea, we visit cultural and historic sites, and enjoy the culinary delights.

"Everyone who values good tea and wants to dive into Chinese culture will enjoy the time with tea master Wan Ling.“
Andreas, Germany, 2023

Routes A and B:

Yunnan and Fujian

Each route is 10 days and takes you to the most famous locations in these provinces whilst also giving you the chance to discover many aspects of the tea growing regions that are inaccessible to those just passing through.

The tours are organised so that you can join either or both. For those wishing to join both the total tour time is 22 days. There are two transits days in the beautiful coastal city of Xiamen where you can relax and explore some of this fascinating city's history and sights, along with the many tea shops.

Route C:

Yixing, Anji, Qimen, Jingde Zhen, Huangshan and Hangzhou.

This route is 8 days and gives you an excellent chance to experience green and black tea cultivation plus experiencing first hand the stunning tea wares of Yixing and JingDe Zhen.

The tea tour finishes in Hangzhou and you are free to stay on and spend more exploring the city on your own or head to other places with your new China experiences under your belt!

Customable Tea Tours

Our tea tours can be customised based on your schedule & interests.
If you would like to find out more, please get in touch.
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