New to loose leaf teas?

Move away from tea bags and learn the wonders of traditional Chinese teas



Where do you start?

Knowing where to begin when you're new to loose leaf tea can be a bit daunting. We grow up making tea with tea bags, and may, sometimes try a herbal or a fruit tea, we may have even tried the odd green tea in a tea bag. Loose tea may seem complex and inconvenient but shouldn't be. Wan Ling Tea House aims to give you some help on the way to finding the truth about how tasty and convenient loose tea really can be.

Tasters & Starter Kits

We have prepared two Beginner's Tea Taster selections that help you try a wide range of different tea styles, which we hope will give the chance to discover teas that suit you. In order to make preparing your loose leaf teas simple and convenient we suggest one of our GongFu tea cups, which are easy to clean and handy at home or in the office.

New To Tea

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Lotus Design Mug SetLotus Design Mug Set
Lotus Design Mug Set
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GongFu Tea Combination Mug/Jug/Pot - 500ml
New to Tea Taster (Full-Bodied)
New To Tea Taster (Light)
New To Tea Taster (Light)
Sale price£4.00
Tieguanyin TasterTieguanyin Taster
Tieguanyin Taster
Sale price£6.00
Jasmine Tea Pearls Grade AJasmine Tea Pearls Grade A
Jasmine Tea Pearls Grade A
Sale priceFrom £10.00
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Jiu Jiu Jiu Guan YinJiu Jiu Jiu Guan Yin
Jiu Jiu Jiu Guan Yin
Sale priceFrom £10.00
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