Aged Mao Xie 'Hairy Crab' Black Oolong Tea - 1999

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Year: 1999
Altenative Names: 红水乌龙, Red Oolong,
Description of Packaging: Pouch

This product either contains more than one type of tea or it is unusual and we have yet to write a desciption.

Xianghua, Anxi, Fujian 福建省安溪县祥华乡

Xianghua township is part of Anxi county. Located to the North-West of Anxi town. Now with the improved roads in the region it is possible to drive from Anxi to Xianghua in around 1.5-2 hours.

Set high in the mountains of the region, Xianghua region averages an altitude around 850m with the highest peaks around 1588m.

One of the three main Tieguanyin producing areas, alongside Gande 感德镇 and Xiping 西平镇, Xianghua includes twenty villages and many more small hamlets, many engaged in tea growing and production.

Brewing Oolong Tea in a Gaiwan

Vessel Capacity: 150 - 200ml
Tea Quantity: 8g (loose leaf)
Water Temperature: 95 - 98c
People / Servings: 4

Medthod: Rinse the tea with a little hot water and then discard it. Next refill the tea pot and follow the infusion times below. For a 120ml Gaiwan you can either keep back 1-2g or add all the leaf. If you add all the leaf, you may want to revise the brewing times slightly (downward) to allow for the fuller flavour. Please note using a Zisha teapot times should be revised downward to allow for time for the liquor to pour from the tea pot.

Infusion Times (in seconds):
1st = 30.
2nd = 30.
3rd = 40.
4th = 50.
5th = 70.
6th = 90.
7th = 120.

Please visit our online tea brewing guide, which includes different methods and infusion times for all tea types.